Cheats and mods (short for 'modifications') can make a game more interesting and fun!


To open the cheats menu, press CTRL, SHIFT and C on your keyboard all at the same time. This will open a box at the top of your screen with space to type your cheats!


I don't know what you'd really call this but I call it 'Godmode' because it allows you to spawn items, control your sims moodlets, add and remove sims from your family, make your sims pregnant and so much more!

To activate this cheat type: 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true' exactly like that and then press enter on your keyboard. Also, it's better to activate this cheat on the neighborhood screen instead of after you've selected a family because when you do that, some of the cheats don't activate properly

Control Pets

On Sims 2 Pets you get to own cats and dogs. The problem is that they go around wreaking havoc because you can't control them like a normal sim. But you can change that using these cheats!

  1. Type: 'boolprop controlpets on' which lets you add actions to the pet action bar.
  2. Reopen the cheats menu and type: 'boolprop petactioncancel true' which lets you cancel actions.

More Money!

To add 50,000 simoleons to your game, type: 'motherlode' (yes, spelt like that) into the cheats menu


This cheat lets you move all objects including sims while in builders mode or putting something in a sims inventory. BUT TAKE CAUTION, YOU CAN ACCIDENTALLY DELETE SIMS WITH THIS, SO DON'T GO CRAZY!
To use this cheat, type 'moveobjects on' into the cheats menu.


To find more cheats, type 'help' into the cheats menu and a list of cheats will appear on screen, along with short explanations of what they do.


Mods are content made by players of the game which can add more to the experience! Click the links to find some of my favorites

Bigfoot Romance Lets you date and marry bigfoot
20 Sliders Adds 20 new sliders to Create-a-Sim
Heterochromia Lets you give your sims heterochromia
Young Adult Maternity Lets young adults have children
Hidden Interactions Enabled Gives you the option to do actions which are usually automatic, like snooze, window washing, and sliding on banisters.

You can find more good stuff HERE!