Simlish English
Sul Sul Hello
Oh Feebee Lay! I'm Hungry!
Nooboo Baby
Lalo Milk
Checkmar Checkmate
Za Woka Genava I think you are hot
Ooh Be Gah Very Good!
Woofum Dog
Dag Dag Goodbye
Xor Be
Choo wagga choo choo! Something in the way!
Whippna Choba Dog! This is cool!
Sulsul! Plerg Majah Bliff? Hello! Can I do something else?
Sherb Shake
Gerb Woof Em Come Here
Sass Awrful That's Awful!
Badeesh / Vadish Thanks
Blursh! Meshaloob! Blursh! Excuse me! Get out of my way!
Zor More
Dooby Zession Detention
Minicule Cat
Ah, van vesua! Cummuns nala Hello, how are you doing?
Arriba chandler You annoying TV workout presenter!
Araganda Move away
Awasa poa I'm bored
Atohteh I want to go to the bathroom!
Bum Bum Woah! This is fun
Bloo Bagoo Hey whats up?
Baba I am pregnant
Boobasnot I don't like you
Cuh Teekaloo Hey there, how's it going?
Depwa Spanewash Depla Blah You! Yes you! Go away!
Dis Wompf Es Fredesche This food is delicious
Elicanto You are looking good!
Geelfrob See you soon
Huree I'm tired
Hooba Noobie What's up?
Nicloske Ga Gloope I would like a taxi to come pick me up
Shoo flee There's a problem!
Veena Fredishay Let's play
Wee-bow I do when proposing
Mychuno Bingo!
Uhh shamoo ralla poo I'm so bored
Renato! Renato! Go Away!
koomeba Kaleidoscope
burbin nerbs Broken glass
firbs fast
rushe rush
toochse touch
juum Zoom
Neeshga! Neeshga! No, no!
Ahhhh Molombia this one i don't know
Abbi anar Car
Balinda macoy Hello, cutie/ Nice chick
Cayoo Damnit! You are in the way
chum-cha Pizza
Dustin aey ball bend and stretch now.
Fleny Fleny Get out, I really gotta tinkle!
Frabbit aw, dangit
Flart or Flort or Flarn Argh!
Fro Oh?!
Green iguanas fluing in the sky Green iguanas flying in the sky!
Garnar frash damn
Grouw listen
Harva sol labaga along with hava so lawnumg Hey! party at my house
Hey you ball of sacks ehe
Jowlenin Interesting
Jamoo Oh my god!
Kooj Sweet!
Le la la cula Said when a need is low
Nash-Na-Poof Anyone home?
Nurfver big, gigantic
Oh moratic! Oh hysterical!
oo krem letich ow man, this is great
Ooh shaboo Oh, nice clothes
Ooo shanga day Why me?
ole-like (m)joel Attention, help
O vwa vwaf sna Nice to meet you
Paba Pain
Ravasheen! ooh, I look like a smokin' hottie in this!
Sisaroom is this a room?
Uh-Uh When they are low in mood
Uh, licht nar When an obstacle is in the way
Wetash Oh,yes......yes.
Yucky, yucky This food is great, when used by toddler
Ya gotta wob'ere! Ya gotta wob'ere! Don't give up! Keep trying!
Deesh, deesh, deesh Think! Think! Think!
Sperk Speak
Zo Hungwah So Hungry!
Fretishe Everything
Fretishe Miza Everything is in the way
Mik Up Make Out
Litzergam Thank You
Dobbinips Dominoes
Mik One
Mak Two
Maka Three
Gerbit Llama
Wabadebadoo I'm on fire!
Turkey nurbler? Does that feel better?
Firby nurbs You have some nerve
Delco webney Believe it or not
Arbo gwinchey By the way
Kabuna Who cares
Benzi chibna looble bazebni gweb Nothing is impossible if you believe
Ah, gwanda blitz Hey, great idea
Ribby wibbs Remember this
Ah, docka morpher Hey, I know what you mean